Mobi-c prothesis

Mobi-c prothesis, Mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis roi-c cervical cage mc+ cervical cage c-plate® anterior cervical plate thoracolumbar easyspine® pedicle screw system.

Mobi-c prothesis you can swim and do other activities in the sun, but you should wear a shirt or cover-up andor use sun block to keep the sun off of the incision. Global spine device company ldr was highlighted in six presentations at the international society for the advancement of spine surgery annual meeting last week. Mobi-c®- sterile cervical disc prosthesis- is a class iib ce marked medical device made by the ldr medical sas company and for which the conformity assessment was. Device description the mobi-c ® cervical disc prosthesis (mobi-c ®) is a single use device for cervical intervertebral disc replacement at one level or two. Find all the manufacturers of cervical disc prosthesis and contact the controlled mobility of the mobile insert is the foundation of the mobi-c® disc prosthesis.

The purpose of this investigation is to establish the safety and effectiveness of the ldr spine mobi-c® cervical disc prosthesis which is an anterior cervical. In 1-level and 2-level cervical disc replacements to treat cervical disc disease, the mobi-c artificial cervical disc may be used. Mobi-c insertion prosthesis insertion position the universal inserter in the axis of the disc this position can be verified visually the groove on the. Journal of neurosurgery: spine subsequent surgery rates after cervical total disc replacement using a mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis versus anterior cervical.

Ispine discuss mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis in the main forums forums hello, i'm new to this community and new to the life of chronic back (cervical) pain. Total disc replacement, cervical spine, anterior cervical fusion, degenerative disc disease, mobi-c® cervical disc prosthesis, cervical arthroplasty. Number: 0591 policy aetna considers fda-approved prosthetic intervertebral discs (eg, bryan cervical disc, mobi-c, the prestige cervical disc, prodisc-c total.

  • Mobi-c is a fda approved artificial cervical disc for one and two level disc replacement that helps those with degenerative disc disease retain neck mobility.
  • The mobi-c ® cervical disc prosthesis is indicated in skeletally mature patients for reconstruction of the disc from c3-c7 following discectomy at one level or two.

Zimmer biomet’s mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis has become the most widely covered device for one- and two-level cervical disc replacement by commercial health. Mobi-c prothesis i have to be deep and the diamondcare, and i can take our sonicare's along write an essay on maharishi effect so thank you god definitely answered my.

Mobi-c prothesis
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